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Private Flute Lessons


Torrey Kaminski is an enthusiastic flute teacher who is always looking for dedicated students that are excited to learn! She has a thriving private flute studio and she teaches on Mercer Island and in Bellevue, WA. If you are ready to schedule regular flute lessons or are interested in setting up a trial, please contact Torrey Kaminski. Need more information?  Keep reading! 


Why take private lessons?

Whether you are preparing an audition, want to work on flute repertoire, struggling with your instrument, or just want to get better, private lessons will help you improve!  With private lessons, you will:

  • Learn proper tone production and breath control

  • Become confident with rhythm

  • Learn about music theory and music history

  • Gain performance experience by playing in studio recitals

  • Learn ways to combat performance anxiety

  • Be involved in local music competitions and events

  • Learn to manage a daily practice schedule and commitment to the flute

  • Gain confidence in all aspects of flute


Teaching Philosophy


Torrey Kaminski has a passion for teaching and is always looking for motivated students who are excited about music.  Her main goals as a flute teacher are to develop well-rounded musicians and to make music fun to learn.  Ms. Kaminski teaches weekly lessons to students of all ages and levels, from beginners to collegiate and adult amateurs.  Students will focus on the basics of flute playing, but will learn and develop their own individual creativity and expression through music.  Ms. Kaminski understands that each student is different and takes the time to tailor lessons towards individual students and their goals.  Her students regularly participate in local music competitions and often receive high rankings.   


Ms. Kaminski is a professional flutist who continues to grow as a musician.  Firmly believing that the best teachers are the best students, she regularly attends workshops, masterclasses, and performances to advance her own education.  This allows her to consistently incorporate new ideas and techniques into her teaching style and better translate those ideas to her flute students. 


Ms. Kaminski holds her students to high expectations and they consistently rise to the challenge.  Students are expected to practice daily and come to lessons prepared.  By being prepared, students are able to get the most out of the weekly lesson time.  For younger students, parents also play an important role in private lessons.  As a parent, please take an interest in your child's instrument and encourage them to practice.  This encouragement will significantly help your child to succeed in private lessons.  Although standards are held high in Ms. Kaminski's Studio, lessons are always fun and very informative.


Please contact Torrey Kaminski for rates, current lesson times, or to view her Studio Policy. 

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